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Best Animal Experiences in the UK

download (40)Tea with Tigers

Remember the Tiger Who Came to Tea? He ate all the food in Sophie’s house, drank all the water in the taps and then left never to be seen again. Now the tigers are inviting you to join them for tea, and the good news is that there’s plenty of food to go around. At Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, visitors can take afternoon tea in the Treetops CafĂ© after enjoying a special guided tour with a member of the park’s Cat Team. The team will provide interesting information on tigers (like did you know that their skin is striped as well as their fur?), and they’ll also answer any tiger questions that you might have. Afterwards you can walk across the Big Cat Walk to get some close-up souvenir snaps of these majestic cats before exploring the rest of the park.

Walk with Wolves

If you’ve ever wanted to meet a wolf close up this is your chance. On the outskirts of Reading, volunteers at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust head into the surrounding countryside with two fully grown wolves on metal leashes in front of them. The Trust owns the surrounding countryside – it has to take precautions to make sure that the wolves don’t encounter any dogs. Larger canines often like to play-fight, a fight that could potentially be fatal to them when faced with a tooth-baring wolf. While on the walk, there are plenty of photo opportunities and visitors may even get the opportunity to stroke the wolves, not as you would a dog. Wolves must be stroked on the underside of their stomach so that you’re submitting to them.

Meet the Meerkats

Not everyone likes their wild animals, well, wild. If you’re interested in meeting some of Africa’s cutest critters, there are several experiences that allow you to get up close and personal to meerkats whether it’s in Hertfordshire, Chester or Preston. Although the experiences differ from location to location, most experiences will have you chatting to members of the meerkat team and preparing the meerkats’ lunch for them. When you walk into their pen sprinkling food, you’ll see the naturally inquisitive meerkats are more than happy to pop up and say hello. After you’ve met the meerkats, you can take a stroll around the rest of the safari park, and meet the rest of the animals.

Whatever type of animal you like, you’re bound to find an animal experience that suits your needs. So before you start planning exotic trips to experience your favourite animal first hand, why not look at the experiences available closer to home?

Hit The Road And Have Home Cooked Meals Too!

download (37)Owners of motor homes love to travel and see new places – a life of adventure hitting the road less travelled.

They love meeting new people and trying new foods at the places they visit along the way. Sometimes though, there’s nothing like a good home cooked meal which is exactly what you can have when you take to the road in a motorhome with your quarter acre pot!

A sense of adventure, the freedom to travel and still getting a home cooked meal is pretty hard to beat.

Motorhome adventurers’ love the quarter acre pot because it allows them to do just that! Pack up their belongings in the motorhome and hit the road with the knowledge that a home cooked meal is quietly bubbling away for when they arrive at their destination – this makes the destination even more exciting!

The quarter acre pot allows a motorhome enthusiast to prepare a meal before they leave home and let it cook slowly and gently as they motor down the road, so that when they arrive at their destination, supper is ready to eat and they can just relax after a long journey on the road.

No need to worry about disconnecting the shuttle car and traveling into a nearby unknown town to find dinner. It’s right there and ready to enjoy. Get the TV set up and tuned in, then just sit back, eat and relax. Plenty of time to venture into town tomorrow!

Do you know why motorhome adventurers’ love the quarter acre pot so much? Because they can retain their sense of adventure and exciting life of travel but still have all the comforts of home too!

If a family member or friend shows up unexpectedly, they’ll be able to partake in one of your famous home cooked meals served from your quarter acre pot.

Imagine the surprise on their faces when you proudly serve them a delicious meal just like one you would serve back home. They will see right away why you love your motorhome way of life!

If they get up in the morning and decide to leave the camper-van parked, get in the shuttle vehicle to cruise around, they can put a meal together in the slow cooking pot and have a warm lunch or dinner ready and waiting for them when they get back.

You can tire very quickly eating out all the time at high priced restaurants or junky takeaways.

No need to heat up and eat those awful TV dinners either.

With the quarter acre pot, even those adventurous folks that live and travel in their motor homes, can have healthy home cooked meals every night.


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A Smart Community or Regional Tourist Committee Starts With Local Traffic and Word-Of-Mouth

download (38)The other day, I was talking to a group of folks who had set up a tourist committee for our local region. Their job was to get people from other regions to come in and spend their money, enjoy the sights and things to do. There are many activities in our area, and it does draw a tremendous number of people from outside the area. Nevertheless, it occurred to me that they were spending all sorts of money in nearby counties and even other states. They were involved with all sorts of other groups and associations and travel networks. Okay so let’s talk about this for a moment shall we?

That’s all well and good, but that can also get quite costly. What I had recommended was that they additionally concentrate on the local area too, perhaps even first. After all, in the nearby area there are millions of people along the California coast here. It seems we should have people who are local enjoy what there is available and then go back and tell all their friends, talk about it on their Facebook page, and refer other people to our area through local word-of-mouth. Once the referral process gets going, and tends to go viral online, now we’re talking.

Interestingly enough, the tourist committee thought they knew what they were doing, and did understand the value in promoting “buy local” or the concept of “Stay-cations” but, I they didn’t quite fully get it, so I had to explain it all to them. You’d be surprised how much the local communities will support the local tourist attractions if you give them a chance, and invite them to participate. Each time friends or family come from another area come to visit, they’ll bring them down to the local sights and attractions. After a while the word gets out, and people like to come more often, and they tell their friends in other areas.

The reality is an economic development tourist committee doesn’t have to spend a huge amount of money blanketing the country with national advertising, or getting in all the brochures, and magazines abroad to seek international travelers. The reality is that the 6-degrees of separation is probably down to three now due to the Internet, that’s plenty enough people and it makes sense to start a whirlwind in your local area, in your own backyard to get the ball rolling. Before you go and blow a tremendous amount of money on large marketing campaigns outside of your regional area, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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