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Panama – The Best Place to Live for Retirees and Outdoor Enthusiasts

images (12)The scenic getaways, tropical rainforest, famous canal, and inexpensive lifestyle make Panama an attraction to the world. This country is in fact second home to many retirees, outdoor enthusiasts and people who simply want to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle inexpensively. Panama has become the best place to live in for more than 1,000 American expats. These people have discovered that the country is full of amazing surprises where one can truly enjoy retirement and the best things in life.

What makes Panama so special? For one, Panama City is home to the country’s famous Panama Canal. This historic landmark is greatly responsible for the country’s booming economy. Even if the country is considered as third world, one can find beautiful skyscrapers and modern conveniences in its capital city. The country has advanced medical capabilities that are comparable to that in the United States and Canada.

Many Americans go to Panama for medical treatment and procedures. A doctor visit to a well experienced specialist can only cost $10 as opposed to spending more for doctor consultation in the US. I’ve been living in Panama for almost a year and have discovered that health insurance can be acquired for as low as $60 per month. Prescription medication also costs less in this country so medical expenses are substantially reduced.

People who love the outdoors will be definitely in for a treat as the weather is generally sunny all year-round. There’s a dormant volcano to climb, waterfalls to see and a rainforest to explore. You can also get a nice tan at the beach and eat the juiciest fruits while relaxing. White water rafting, zip lining, hiking, and many more outdoor activities for the young and old can be experienced in Panama.

Most importantly, the costs of living in Panama are very inexpensive. A couple can have lunch for only $8, drinks included. A retiree can be able to stretch his retirement funds as food, clothing and many other needs for daily living cost less than what one has to spend in the US, Canada or the UK.

While visiting Panama, you’ll meet a lot of American expats who are permanently residing in the country. Most of these Americans are living in Boquete, which is a small mountain town that’s known for its fine tasting coffee and spring-like weather. Apart from the country’s scenic attractions, it would be nice to take a look at expat homes and visit the American community in some areas of the country. These people always have wonderful and truly inspiring stories to share.

While the best place to live in is highly subjective, Panama has become a retirement haven for people who used to live in America and Europe. These people now call home a country that has the best of both the old and the new. Modern amenities and conveniences abound while the country retains its historic identity and unique culture. The country continues to develop favorably, while showing off to the world its real beauty.


One of the Best Places to Stay for Retirement

download (46)If you’re looking for a place to retire where you can truly experience the beauty of nature at its finest, then Boquete Panama is the place for you. This place is not only a popular destination of tourists from across the globe but has also become a retirement haven in Central America. Boquete is one of the reasons why living in Panama has grown very popular among American expats. In fact, 1000+ expats can be found living in this mountain village that is best known for its coffee, all-year round spring-like weather, and scenic locations.

Compared to other parts of Panama that are quite humid, Boquete has a much cooler climate since this town is located well high above sea level. A very popular destination in Boquete Panama is its Volcan Baru, which is a dormant volcano where people can avail of hiking tours and thirst that quench for adventure. Hikers can walk along the Sendero de los Quetzales, which is the trail that leads to and around the volcano. A spectacular ocean and forest view awaits the hiker who visits and climbs this famous volcan.

Boquete Panama is very famous for its local coffee, which is deemed as one of the best in the world. You shouldn’t miss the chance to take the coffee estate tour and get a taste of the best tasting coffee in Panama. It’s already a real treat seeing the rows of trees and coffee growing under them, but tasting the coffee is the real deal. You’ll probably want to bring some for yourself and your coffee lover friends back home.

Lots of outdoor adventures can be done in Boquete; thus, this is the place to be for people who love the outdoors. There are lots of jungle and hiking tours to avail as well as water rafting and zip lining. Boquete is truly a mountaineer’s dream destination. It is also a great place to unwind and take in the pleasures of nature away from the hustles and bustles of city life.

While visiting Boquete Panama, it would be a great opportunity to meet American and European expats who have decided to settle in this small mountain town. You can eat lunch for only $3 to $4 a meal and then dine at a popular expat hangout. You can also take the opportunity to look at the residential areas such as the Valle Escondido, which is a premier gated community in Boquete. Go to the market, visit the local stores and see for yourself why living in Panama has beckoned to a great number of Americans and Europeans.

Boquete Panama is truly a place for the person who wants to get away from the city and wants a relaxed lifestyle. It is a place where you can be one with nature and experience comfortable spring-like weather all-year round. Most of all, it’s a great place to retire and reside permanently as the costs of living are very cheap. You can be able to enjoy a really comfortably lifestyle where not having enough money will no longer be a problem.

Top 5 UK Coastal Walks

download (45)1. Looe to Polperro, Cornwall

The 5.5-mile stretch of coast path between Looe and Polperro is one of Cornwall’s best-loved. Starting at the western end of Looe’s seafront, the route takes in Portnadler Bay’s National Trust-protected beach, the dramatic headland before Talland Bay and the picture-postcard views of Polperro.Polperro’s narrow, winding streets are home to an excellent choice of welcoming pubs – so you’re bound to find somewhere to rest your legs following the walk, which can be completed briskly in a couple of hours or enjoyed more leisurely over half a day. If the weather’s good, many ramblers choose to walk back the way they came to make the most of the excellent views. If not, there are regular bus services from Polperro back to Looe.

2. Stackpole Head, Pembrokeshire

Arguably the most stunning stretch of Pembroke’s coastline – which makes up the UK’s only coastal national park – Stackpole Head is best explored from Stackpole Quay, an old limestone harbour, where a six-mile circular route will take you past Barafundle Bay, one of Wales’s prettiest beaches. Once you’ve dragged yourself away from Barafundle’s sandy splendour, it’s time to take in Stackpole Head’s imposing limestone cliffs, which have been gradually eroded by the occasionally-rough waves of the Atlantic. Contrasting with the cliffs’ rugged beauty are Bosherton Lakes, the beautifully-serene backdrop to Stackpole Court. Since their creation two centuries ago, they’ve grown into a habit for otters, dragonflies and waterbirds. While you’re on the lookout for wildlife, don’t forget to stand back and admire the beautiful reflections, particularly at this time of the year with the colourful autumn leaves.

3. Craster to Dunstanburgh, Northumberland

From Craster – a fishing village famed for its kippers and salmon, which are traditionally prepared using oak smoking – it’s a gorgeous one-and-a-half mile walk north to the magnificent ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle. Most people embark on a six-mile circular walk back to Craster, which showcases the best of the Northumberland coast – expect dramatic sea cliffs, heather-covered slopes and a dramatic rocky shoreline. Dunstanburgh is one of northern England’s most iconic castles – managed by English Heritage, it dates back to the 13th century when it was one of the area’s most prominent fortifications. Its ruins – which were painted by Turner – are at their most spectacular in the early morning or evening light. The route to the castle from Craster is generally flat, so it’s perfect for families – and offers a great introduction to the North Sea coast.

4. Bryher, Isles of Scilly

Despite being the smallest of Scilly’s inhabited islands at just half a mile long and one mile wide, Bryher’s landscape is wildly contrasting and wonderfully varied. After landing by boat at the quay or the Anneka Rice-constructed bar on the eastern side of the island, visitors should head south towards the clear, turquoise waters of Green Bay. If you can drag yourself away from the sheltered beach and the views of neighbouring Tresco using your Scilly map, continue around the bottom of Samson Hill towards Rushy Bay. Once you’ve walked around Bryher’s southern tip, it’s time to explore its rugged western coast. Feeling the full effects of the Atlantic, it’s a world away from the eastern coast – and nowhere is this more evident than the aptly-named Hell Bay, which experiences spectacular storms during the winter. On arrival at Shipman Head Down, Bryher’s northernmost point, it’s time to head south along the island’s north-east coast. If you have time, climb Watch Hill – Scilly’s highest point – and enjoy the panoramic views across to the other islands and, on a clear day, Land’s End.

5. Gullane Bay to North Berwick, East Lothian

This gently-undulating six-mile stretch of East Lothian Coastal Path may be famous for its golf courses, but its many sandy beaches, low-rising cliffs and picturesque woodland arguably have more appeal. Starting at Gullane Bay, walkers will cross grassy heathland interspersed by rocky outcrops and sheltered coves, while a splattering of offshore islands adds to the already-impressive views across the Firth of Forth.The abundant birdlife is central to the East Lothian Coastal Path’s appeal, and on the approach to Bass Rock – an island 1.2 miles offshore – one of the UK’s largest colonies of gannets comes into view.While away an hour or two in North Berwick, a fashionable 19th century holiday resort, before catching the bus back to Gullane.

Panama City – One of the Best Cities to Live for Retirement

images (11)A bustling city and nature together in one place best describes Panama City, one of the world’s best cities to live in. This place is the national capital city of Panama, which is a retirement haven to more than 1,000 American and European expats. In this city, one can find the famous Panama Canal, which is greatly significant to the country’s booming economy. Panama City holds a lot of major trade and business activity in Central America; hence, it plays a vital role to the whole economy of the region.

According to Wikipedia, the International Living magazine has cited Panama as one of the best top five places for retirement. Panama City for one has plenty of things to offer for both its tourists and locals. A must see is definitely the city’s famous canal as well as its tropical rainforest, urban districts and historic villages like the Casco Viejo. One can either choose to engage in modern splendor at the city’s business district or go on a hiking trip at the rainforest. It’s one of the best cities to live in and simply unwind at a Casco Viejo café after a long day or enjoy the tranquility of nature on some days.

What’s great about Panama City is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy the good things in life. Many people call it a retirement haven since one’s retirement funds can be stretched fully; thus, allowing the retiree to enjoy an ultra comfortable lifestyle. This place has most definitely become one of the best cities to live in due to its low costs of living amidst modern hospitals, schools, and malls as well as various scenic getaways.

In Panama, one can eat at a restaurant for less than $10 and still enjoy good food. One can also travel to and have fun at the country’s beaches, mountains and waterfalls. The weather is comfortably warm all year-round so there are always plenty of things to do for both the young and old.

Apart from its famous canal, other tourist attractions in the city include their national cathedral called the Plaza de la Catedral, the Teatro Nacional or national theater and their museum called the Museo del Canal Interoceanico. The city is home to ancient ruins, traditional Spanish houses and landmarks brought about by the country’s rich history and culture.

A lot of people are surprised to find that a third world country like Panama offers advanced and modern healthcare systems. A lot of Americans go to Panama City for health care as the standards are comparable to that in the US at more affordable prices. A Panamanian doctor charges far less amount of money for certain procedures and operations as compared to receiving the same treatment in America. Health insurance and prescription medicines are likewise priced reasonably in Panama.

Due to the growing number of people who want to live in Panama, there are now retirement tours being offered so that people can see for themselves what life is like in Panama City and the country as a whole. These tours offer participants firsthand information on one of the best cities to live in. Highlights of the tour may include a visit to the homes of American expats so participants can be able to ask questions directly to the people who have already made the move to Panama.

Panama City is definitely an excellent travel destination and one of the best cities to live in. People have called it a retirement haven because they see something special in this city and its people. It’s a place where you can essentially live for less in exchange for a truly comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.


Pack Smart – Relocating Done Right

download (39)You’ve prepared for money problems, health problems, and any other life problems you can think of, but now you’re sitting in the middle of your new living room surrounded by boxes and you don’t know where to start. Relocating can be stressful, and when all is said and done, you don’t want to have to worry about finding an outfit to wear the next day because you don’t know where anything is. I provide you with some good tips and advice to give you a boost!

First, it is important to decide what you need to bring. Moving is an opportunity to sort through some f the clutter you have accumulated. I recommend a three-pronged approach: Give, Throw, Pack. Sort your items based on what you can/should give away, throw away, and pack up for you new life. Not everything has to be saved and you can often capture the memories of the item without having to keep it by taking a picture of it. Photos, especially digital, take up a lot less room than your favorite sweater from college that you will never wear again; there may be someone out there who could really use that sweater and by giving it away, you are giving it new life. If you have kids, try to work with them on this same process. They may not need every toy they have and not every adorable outfit that they’ve ever worn to be kept.

Now that everything is sorted, manage your time well so that you don’t end up packing half of your stuff in random boxes just to get it done; a box labeled miscellaneous never helped anyone. Give yourself a time limit for packing a box then double it. Set aside a certain amount of time each day for packing and make it your priority. Don’t check your email, phone, and delegate to ensure no other distractions pop up. Figure out how many boxes you can pack in that allocated amount of time, then plan the number of days it will take to accomplish packing all your belongings. Also, make a list of the things you cannot live without during this process and make sure to pack those items last; do the same for any other family members that may be a part of the move.

If your relocation is not permanent and you won’t be taking all of your belongs with you or you know you won’t have access to all of your belongings until a few days or weeks into the move, it is important to know what to pack so you don’t end up having to buy everything you need, wasting time and money. Recently, I spoke with an attendant on a private jet about what she brings with her for each short-term relocation. This information is valuable to anyone travelling by plane and can be applied to numerous relocation scenarios. Bring only three bags, your Carry-on, your personal luggage, and your checked item.

The carry-on should contain all the things necessary to your day-to-day life: three to seven days’ worth of medication, valuables, important documents, one clean out fit (or at the very least, clean socks and underwear), two to four meals worth of non-perishable food items, any electronic devices, and chargers and universal adapters needed for your electronics. If you carry a purse, try to pack it into your carry-on or reorganize your purse so it can be your carry-on.

Your personal luggage should include the important yet non critical items that will last you for a couple weeks such as your clothes, toiletries, shoes, grooming appliances, concentrated laundry detergent, a traveler’s laundry line and ten pegs (you may not have access to a washer and dryer), an any other item that will fit within the size limit you deem necessary.

The final bag is not mandatory (especially if you don’t want to pay to check something), but it can make the difference between the type of experience you have those first few days in the new location. The checked bag should include items that will help you feel more at home in your new place. You can pack a set of linens, your favorite cereal bowl, or some books and games, anything that will help you feel like you are not too far from your home.

If you pack wisely you will be able to enjoy getting settled into your new place and won’t have to deal with the unwanted stress of putting your home together. So pack smart and enjoy the rewards!


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Panama – One of the Best Places to Travel to

download (43)If you’re looking for the best places to travel and spend some quality time for leisure and relaxation, then Panama is one perfect destination spot that you should add to your itinerary. This country is currently deemed as the gem of Central America as it has a booming economy that can be quite a challenge for other third world countries. Breathtaking scenery and enjoyable outdoor activities coupled with low-cost of living definitely make this country one of the best places to travel to in the world.

Avail a Panama tour and travel to Panama City first. Visit the country’s famous Panama Canal where most of the trade and shipping activities in the country are done. The Panama Canal is one reason why travelling to Panama is truly worthwhile. This famous canal is the backbone of Panama and has always been significant to the country’s economic growth. It is one landmark of the world that you should definitely explore.

While you’re in Panama, take the opportunity to meet and greet the many American expats who have already made the move to Panama. You can take a Panama relocation tour for instance, so you get firsthand information on what it’s like to live in Panama. Meeting the expats is another reason why Panama is worth seeing as they can give you a lot of insights about retirement and travel planning. Through these people, you will discover that Panama is more than just a place for vacation, but also the retirement haven of many American and European expats.

Another reason that makes Panama definitely worth visiting is so you can discover the low-cost of living in this country. Food, clothing and other basic needs are all priced cheaply; thus, your vacation expenses will be very low. Healthcare is likewise very cheap at amazingly high standards. The Hospital Punta Pacifica, for one, is a common destination of medical tourists. Many people go to Panama for inexpensive medical procedures that are comparable to medical treatments in the US, Canada and the UK. You can try getting a doctor’s consultation for only $10 while you’re in Panama.

Another reason why Panama is one of the best places to travel to is because the country has so much to offer in terms of culture, nature and its people. The Panamanians are warm and gracious as you meet them while visiting old museums and historic buildings and towns. Those who love nature are also in for a treat as the country has a tropical rainforest that’s well-preserved. You can go on a hike along a nature trail, climb a mountain, do zip lining, swim at the beach or ride a horse. There are plenty of things to do to satisfy that quench for adventure and enjoy nature at its finest.

Panama has become the second home of many Americans and Europeans. More than 1,000 expats have come to live in Panama permanently. This alone affirms that Panama is definitely one of the best places to travel to and consider as a place for retirement. The country’s real beauty comes not just from one facet of its land but in many different forms. It’s definitely one of the best places to travel to among other countries in the world.

Boquete Panama – An Amazing Place for Retirement

download (44)One place in Central America that has become a popular place for retirement is Boquete Panama. Situated in the mountain highlands of the country, Boquete is a small town that offers so much for tourists and retirees alike. Outdoor activities, spectacular views, cool climate, fresh air and a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle can be experienced in Boquete. An amazing destination, that’s what it is. Boquete’s unique history, culture and natural beauty continues to attract tourists and retirees from various parts of the world. This simply shows that it is one place that’s definitely worth visiting and consider as one’s permanent place of residence.

Affordable Living Expenses

Thousands of American and European expats have made Panama their second home. They have come to love the fact that it is a place where one’s retirement funds can be stretched and where a good life is not so hard to achieve. Boquete offers very low living expenses; thus, it is easy to live comfortably. Eating in a restaurant will only cost $8 for a couple, drinks included. Reliable and modern healthcare is also inexpensive in this place; thus, making it easy to get all the perks in life inexpensively.

Cool Climate

Many people who have come to Boquete also love the fact that the weather is spring-like all year-round. The climate is comfortably cool which suits many Americans who have chosen to live in Boquete for good. You only need one type of clothing and that is clothing that suits spring-like climate. There’s no need to worry about snow piling up on the driveway and too much heat that can be very uncomfortable for the skin.

American Lifestyle

Since many Americans have already made the move to Boquete Panama, there are plenty of expat hangouts and restaurants where you can feel most at home. There’s even a premier community called Valle Escondido where many expats live and where retirement can be experienced in a relaxed atmosphere. There are also Americans who have opened up businesses in the area. An expat owned coffee farm, hotel or restaurant is very common in Boquete.

Outdoor Activities

Nature lovers and adventurers will be thrilled to know that lots of outdoor activities are in store for them in Boquete Panama. Hikers can climb up the Volcan Baru, which is a famous dormant volcano in the area. Boating and white water rafting can also be done as well as zip lining, nature tripping and horseback riding. Animal lovers can also visit the Wildlife Rescue Center and see how animals are taken care of in their natural habitat.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Boquete Panama is not like busy cities of New York, San Francisco or London. It has typical amenities and services that people need for daily living but minus the hustle and bustle of city life. Thus, it is truly a place for people looking to settle down in a relaxed setting. One can simply take in the beauty of Boquete and relax watching its beautiful sunrise and sunset each day. One can also sit down and just enjoy its picturesque view from all angles. Boquete may not be for the city folk but it sure is a wonderful venue for someone who wants to experience a relaxed and stress-free retirement.


The Answer to That Dream of a Good Life

download (41)Anyone always dreams of having a good life most especially those who are beset with financial difficulties. That dream is very possible when one stays in Panama, a country full of great promise. I myself was surprised when I first came to Panama two years ago. Tall skyscrapers, advanced technology and modern conveniences abound in this country even if it is in fact considered as third world. I fell in love with Panama and have made it my country of residence in 2012. I truly enjoy living in this place where one can have the comforts of a good life minus the high costs of living.

· Living expenses are cheap in Panama. This is perhaps the foremost reason why many Americans and Europeans have moved to this country. It’s great that you can dine with a friend for only $8 including drinks. You can also get medical insurance for as low as $60 a month. You can also buy 100 pieces of the juiciest oranges for as low as $4. Panama is one place where one can enjoy the good things without spending too much money.

· There are plenty of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. You can go on a hiking expedition and climb the country’s dormant volcano or go on a nature trip in the lush rainforest. Beach lovers, hikers, scuba divers and lovers of the outdoors are definitely in for a treat in Panama.

· Panama has warm spring-like weather all-year round. The country only has two seasons which are the wet and dry seasons. Basically, the clothing that you will need should be light and airy. There’s no need to stock up on winter clothing and footwear when you’re living in Panama. Likewise, there’s also no need for expensive heaters and fireplaces in this country.

· The country is well-known for its medical tourism. Since medical expenses are very cheap in Panama, many foreigners come to this country for medical treatments and procedures. For instance, one can have a doctor’s consultation for only $10. The doctors and specialists in Panama are licensed professionals whose expertise is comparable to US and Canadian physicians. Most of the country’s medical practitioners are US trained and use advanced medical technology in Panama.

· Panama has a community of American expats. Many expats have already made Panama their second home and are very welcoming of new arrivals. While most of these people are already retired, some have set up businesses in Panama such as restaurants and coffee farms. It’s great to go to a place where you won’t feel like a foreigner. Most expats live in Boquete Panama, as this place has a much cooler climate as compared to Panama City.

Life isn’t all about money, but having a comfortable lifestyle contributes greatly to a happy existence. In Panama, one’s retirement funds can be truly stretched as the basic expenses are very cheap. It’s easy to enjoy the finer things in life when you’re in Panama. Sure it’s a totally different country than what you may be used to, but being able to buy the things that you want and live in a secure place is just awesome.


Why Expats in Panama Are Growing in Number

download (42)Panama has become a retirement spot for many American and European expats. There’s a reason why expats in Panama are growing in number and that is because a comfortable life awaits at low costs of living. Almost everyone dreams of having a nice house in a beautiful environment, and Panama most certainly answers that dream. Coupled with a cheap way of living, a good life in Panama is easier to achieve and then maintain as one grows old in the comforts of friends and family.

Panama expats are commonly Americans and Europeans who have retirement funds to spend. Some are more affluent than the others, and can afford to buy houses while others cannot. However all of these people just want to enjoy the good life and experience an enjoyable existence that isn’t so hard to get by. In Panama, healthcare, food, clothing and recreations are inexpensive; thus, allowing retirees to stretch their retirement funds to the fullest. These people are able to buy the things that they want as the cost of living is very low.

A lot of scenic destinations are in store for tourists and expats in Panama. There’s a tropical rainforest that’s well-preserved, a dormant volcano to see, hiking trails to trek, beaches to get a nice tan, historic districts to explore, and the iconic Panama Canal to view. Activities such as hiking, swimming, surfing, horseback riding, zip lining and many more can be done in Panama.

If you’re thinking about food and beverage, Panama has the juiciest fruits that are very affordable. 100 pieces of oranges can be purchased for only $4 so you can eat this delicious fruit every day. Boquete Panama is also known for its fine tasting coffee. A local cuisine such as Sancocho is an expat favorite as well as dishes like Yuca Frita, Pescado, Patacones and Carimanola. A couple in Panama can have lunch at a restaurant for only $8 including drinks.

Another reason why expats in Panama are growing in number is because of cheap yet high standard healthcare. Panama City has state of the art hospitals that favorably compare to those in the US and Canada. What’s so much better about these hospitals is that the services are really priced low. Doctor’s consultation will only cost you $10 which is far cheaper than what you will probably spend in the US. Prescription drugs and medical procedures are likewise priced inexpensively; thus, making Panama a popular destination of medical tourists.

Expats in Panama are commonly found in Panama City, Coronado, Bocas del Toro and Boquete. The latter has a large expat community since Boquete has a much cooler climate compared to other Panama towns and cities. Boquete is a well-developed mountain highland; thus, the weather in this town is so much cooler, much to the delight of the expat community living there.

Panama is accelerating positively and this is evidenced by the various infrastructure and development projects presently lined up. The Panama Canal is scheduled for expansion as well as new roads, new international airports, mining projects and many more. Expats choose to live in Panama because it is on the right track in terms of growth. Panama is working its way towards a brighter future that will be enjoyed not only by its citizens but also by the tourists and expats who have made the country their second home.